Boy on the Bridge

Category: feature / drama
Director: Petros Charalambous
Country: Cyprus
Year: 2016
Length: 85'
Production Status: completed


In a seemingly idyllic Cyprus village, twelve year-old Socrates finds himself involved in a murder investigation that will tear his life, and the lives of his family apart.
It's 1988 and August has come to a sleepy Cypriot village. Twelve-year-old SOCRATES leads a life of unalloyed pleasure with his cousin and best friend MARCOS - setting off homemade fire works, tormenting local pensioners, hurtling through the village on their bicycles and defying the hapless local authorities.
However, a shadow is casted over Socrates' life when he discovers that Marcos and his family are being abused by their violent father, HAMBO, a gambler and a loan shark.
As Socrates resolves to get to the truth before the police, he uncovers evidence that links those he loves to the crime and makes him question his own identity. Under the gloss of his idyllic surroundings lurks a dark family secret ready to turn his carefree life upside down.
We follow Socrates on a thrilling and perilous journey of self-discovery as he learns the meaning of love, family loyalty and courage.

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