Thank You for Bombing

Category: feature
Director: Barbara Eder
Country: Austria
Year: 2015
Length: 104'
Production Status: completed


In Barbara Eder's absorbing study of journalistic integrity and its price, three war correspondents face the hardships of working in conflict-stricken areas.
This is a fictionalised, behind-the-scenes account of the experience of war correspondents, but with the immediacy and urgency of a documentary. Told in three parts, one for each of its main players, it begins with Ewald (Erwin Steinhauer), who becomes obsessed with a man he recognises as the murderer of his cameraman on a past project. Meanwhile, Lana (Manon Kahle) encounters sexism while reporting on the burning of the Quran by American soldiers in Afghanistan. Finally, Cal (Raphael von Bargen) is disillusioned after having to deliver sensationalist stories from the safety of a hotel rooftop. These three stories combine for an honest, insightful look at the men and women who brave inhospitable terrain to deliver news that matters

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