Category: short
Director: Ahmed Abdullahi
Country: Sweden
Year: 2015
Length: 31'
Production Status: completed


Francis and nine other west Africans travel to Sweden to work planting trees. They hope to be able to earn money for their families. But once they have arrived they end up working in conditions that resemble slavery. The work is hard and the days are long - and their wages are much lower than had been promised. They work on commission and don't earn enough to even afford a ticket home. They are stuck.
Francis refuses to accept this situation. But when he protests his boss dismisses his complaints as laziness. He is told that he has to work harder. One evening Francis returns from the plantation area after what appears to have been a day of hard work. He seems to have planted every sapling. His foreman is very pleased. But his childhood friend Eric suspects that something else is going on.
When Francis is then given the job of being his friends' foreman, things come to a point. Can he be loyal to his friends and at the same time satisfy his boss?
Francis is a film about friendship, loyalty and human values, about racism, greed and betrayal.

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