Category: documentary
Director: Sara Jordenö
Country: Sweden, USA
Year: 2016
Length: 94'
Production Status: completed


The winner of this year's Teddy Award at Berlinale: a walk through New York City's voguing ballroom scene, led with swagger by gatekeeper Twiggy Pucci Garçon.
The 'Kiki' scene is highly competitive; you need to be dedicated, on form, and willing to practise endlessly. Kiki follows young black LGBTQI participants as they compete for trophies and titles, including dance-offs between feuding houses (House of Amazura and the House of Unbothered Cartier, for example). The interview subjects openly reveal their troubles and discuss their hopes and dreams. 25 years after the award-winning documentary Paris is Burning (Kiki has been tagged the 'unofficial sequel) much has changed, but homophobic attacks, poverty, and discrimination continue to threaten the queer community. As house mother, community organiser and homeless LGBTQI youth activist Twiggy says, "There is so much left to fight for".

'Explodes with energy, thanks in part to rattlesnaketaut dance tracks from MikeQ and ballroom DJ crew Qween Beat, but mostly from the Kiki kids themselves.' - Variety

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