Category: feature
Director: Felix Van Groeningen
Year: 2015
Length: 120'
Production Status: completed


Belgica tells the story of Jo and Frank, two brothers. As is often the case with brothers, they are very different. Jo, twentysomething, is not very tall and can only see through one eye. He once had artistic ambitions, but his love for music eventually made him start a bar called Belgica. Frank is several years older and the big brother on all levels. He is a man of many plans who always gives himself the full hundred percent. He is about to become father for the second time, has a car dealership and wants to build his own house. Yet Frank is still unhappy with his predictable life. When Frank visits Jo's bar, the brothers reconnect with each other. It is quickly decided that Frank will come and help Jo out at the Belgica. Jo appreciates the help, because the hard bar life demands a lot. Frank, for his part, is revived by the rock ''n roll of nightlife. In a few weeks time, Jo and Frank turn the Belgica into the hot spot of nightlife. They are the golden duo and for a while, the sky seems the limit. But night life is an addictive trip and the world keeps on spinning.

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