Category: feature
Director: Nicolette Krebitz
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Length: 97'
Production Status: completed


In this provocative and daring German drama, a lonely young woman forms an uncomfortably close relationship with a wolf she discovers in the woods.
A love story that transgresses all social norms, Wild is sure to provoke, enthrall and challenge in equal measure. At the film's centre is an extraordinary (and extraordinarily brave) performance from Lilith Stangenberg as Ania, an anonymous young woman who lives an unfulfilling life as an office worker. Nothing seems to excite her, until one day she locks eyes with a wolf from the forest near her small German town. This stirs something in her, and soon she takes the animal into her small apartment, keeping it as more than just a house pet. Playing its main scenario with complete seriousness and total conviction, Wild probes the very nature of love, desire and solitude. It's sure to be a conversation-starter.

'Krebitz's film questions the behavioral standards we take as given with quiet daring and disquieting sangfroid.' - Variety

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