Midwife, The

Category: feature
Director: Antti Jokinen
Country: Finland
Year: 2015
Length: 120'
Production Status: completed


Finland, 1944. The country is shaken by the Lapland War, a conflict between Germany and Finland in the aftermath of WWII. Helena, a small community's midwife nicknamed "Wildeye", meets the Finnish-German Nazi officer Johannes Angelhurst. She is attracted to the mysterious stranger and follows him to the prisoner of war camp where he serves to start working as a nurse. For Angelhurst, Helena is different from any other woman, and they develop a wild and passionate relationship. Yet their burning love neither removes the traumatic war images that haunt the officer nor the gruesome secrets hiding behind the walls of the camp.When the turmoil of war separates the lovers, they make a pact to reunite at the remote cabin where they spent their happiest times together. At the end of the war, Helena and Johannes put their lives at risk and suffer tremendous hardship to fight their way back to each other, guided by a will to survive so strong that it bypasses the expectations of morality. THE MIDWIFE is based on the the best-selling novel by Katja Kettu.

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