International casting directors network (ICDN)

The International Casting Directors Network (ICDN) has been a loyal and reliable partner of EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS since its inception in 2005. Annually, almost half of the 80 ICDN members attend the Berlin International Film Festival in order to meet the newest contingent of EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS. The attendance of so many Casting Directors, including those who are US-based, offers the actors a unique opportunity to develop and extend their professional contacts. In particular, the Actors Industry Network, created by EFP and a crucial centerpiece of the SHOOTING STARS programme, provides a finely tuned structure where actors and casting directors can meet just as the actors are launching international careers. The results have been consistent and impressive: 8 out of 10 SHOOTING STARS from previous editions have been cast in international co-productions.

About ICDN:
The Berlin-based association of more than 80 Casting Directors from 24 countries offers its members the opportunity to engage on an international level in order to address issues of importance to their profession, such as work methods and general standards. ICDN also allows casting agents to take advantage of synergies in casting international co-productions, and at the same time, focuses attention and recognition on the work of casting a film. The association is based in Berlin.

ICDN Board of Directors:
Beatrice Krüger - (Chair) ­t­i­.­g­n­i­t­s­a­c­i­b­f­@­r­e­g­u­r­k­.­e­c­i­r­t­a­e­b­
Timka Grin - ­m­o­c­.­l­i­a­m­g­@­a­k­m­i­t­n­i­r­g­
Simone Bär - ­e­d­.­o­i­d­u­t­s­g­n­i­t­s­a­c­@­g­n­i­t­s­a­c­

Acquisition of Membership:
Corinna Glaus - ­h­c­.­g­n­i­t­s­a­c­s­u­a­l­g­@­a­n­n­i­r­o­c­

ICDN brochure 2018

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