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EFP (European Film Promotion) is an international network of film promotion institutes from 37 countries from throughout Europe, each representing their national films and talent abroad. Under the EFP flag, these organisations team up to jointly promote the diversity and spirit of European cinema and talent at key film festivals and markets, in particular outside of Europe. EFP is financially supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and by its member organisations.

Memorandum of Understanding for EFP
on Diversity & Inclusion

We value diversity would like to see this reflected in our work. We encourage and welcome all nominations/applications irrespective of gender, nationality, race, ethnic and socio-cultural and economic background, religion, attributed disability, age as well as sexual orientation and identity.

EFP actively supports and encourages gender balance, diversity and inclusion in its programmes, activities, strategies as well as in staff matters.

Some of the ways EFP currently supports gender balance, diversity and inclusion in its programmes is by:

  • selecting of only one film/talent per country to underline European diversity in its entirety
  • defining selection criteria which often specify submissions must be divers in terms of gender and ethnic background
  • presenting public panels and industry talks which raise the awareness for the topic and features voices and perspectives from marginalised groups
  • ensuring diversity when seeking jury members, panelists, speakers from marginalised groups


President: Markéta Šantrochová, Head of Czech Film Center
Vice President: Simone Baumann, Managing Director German Films

Christian De Schutter, Managing Director of Flanders Image
Daniela Elstner,
Executive Director UniFrance
Eda Koppel,
Head of Marketing Estonian Film Institute
Rastislav Steranka, Director of the National Cinematographic Centre of the Slovak Film Institute
Stine Oppegaard, Manager International Relations Feature Films, Norwegian Film Institute


Sonja Heinen

Jo Mühlberger

Ana Buka

Susanne Davis

Andrea Froese-Moess

Nora Goldstein

Cornelia Klimkeit

Olga Martin

Sabine Rolinski

Frauke Fehlandt

freelance colleagues

Karen Arikian

Tina Hajon

Helen Peetzen

Andreas Struck


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°efp President
Markéta Santrochová
Czech Film Center

°efp Managing Director 
Sonja Heinen

Panatom Corporate Communication

Andrea Dittler