Belgium - BAGHDAD MESSI (in development) by Sahim Omar Kalifa, produced by Hendrik Verthé (A Team Productions)
Croatia - LAMBS IN WOLFSKIN (in financing) by Ivona Juka, produced by Anita Juka (4Film)
Denmark - BORDER by Ali Abassi, produced by Nina Bisgaard (Meta Film)
France - SHEHERAZADE by Jean-Bernard Marlin, produced by Grégoire Debailly (Geko Films)
Germany - END OF SEASON by Elmar Imanov, produced by Eva Blondiau (Color of May)
Hungary - EASY LESSONS by Könnyű Leckék, produced by Julianna Ugrin (Éclipse Film)
Iceland - ECHO by Rúnar Rúnarsson, produced by Lilja Snorradóttir (Pegasus Pictures)
Ireland - ANIMALS by Sophie Hyde, produced by Cormac Fox (Vico Films)
Italy - MENOCCHIO by Alberto Fasulo, produced by Nadia Trevisan (Nefertiti Film)
Latvia - THE CHRONICLES OF MELANIE by Viestur Kairish, produced by Inese Boka-Grūbe (Mistrus Media)
Poland - THE PRIZE by Paula Markovitch, produced by Małgorzata Staroń (Staron Film)
Portugal - OUR MADNESS directed and produced by João Viana (Papaveronoir)
Serbia - THE LABUDOVIC REELS (in financing) directed and produced by Mila Turajlić (Dribbling Pictures)
Slovenia - DARK MOTHER EARTH (in financing) directed and produced by Rok Biček (Cvinger Film)
Spain - CALLBACK directed and produced by Carles Torras (Zabriskie Films)
Sweden - BORG VS MCENROE by Janus Metz, produced by Jon Nohrstedt (SF Studios)
Switzerland - CHRIS THE SWISS by Anja Kofmel, produced by Sereina Gabathuler (Dschoint Ventschr)
The Netherlands - THE JUDGEMENT (in post-production) by Sander Burger, produced by Joram Willink (BIND)
United Kingdom - MAKE UP by Claire Oakley, produced by Emily Morgan (Quiddity Films)

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