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Participating in Producers On the Move was a great experience and it’s an excellent network.
The producers I met there led to the financing of a number of successful films over the last few years; we established lasting relationships and continue to work together today

Macdara Kelleher
Fastnet Films

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Since 2000, EFP has offered support and guidance to European producers during the Cannes International Film Festival. In a highly selective process, one producer per country is chosen by the respective EFP member to take part in this initiative, which has set a high standard for participation. EFP creates a tightly focused working environment involving project pitchings, 1:1 meetings as well as extensive promotion of the producers via profiles in the international trade papers. The aim of this initiative is to assist European producers in finding partners for their upcoming projects, to strengthen industry networking opportunities and to offer a platform where the producer’s potential can be recognised.

Event activities

  •     round-table meeting / pitching session for all selected producers
  •     one-on-one speed-dating meetings between the participating producers
  •     Producers Lunch for about 180 European producers
  •     production of a broshure and a poster
  •     press campaign including producer profiles in major daily trade papers in Cannes
  •     online presentation of participating producers


Producers 2014


Event partners

This event is co-financed by the participating EFP member organisations.


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