Producers on the Move 2016

Emanuele Nespeca, Italy


Solaria Film
Via Cantagallo 23
59100 Prato
 +39 335 7580 884



Emanuele Nespeca entered the film industry in 2005, producing such films as Daneile Gaglianone's PIETRO. In 2012, he became a partner with Mario Mazzarotto in Movimento film and produced Alicia Scherson's THE FUTURE and Adriano Valerio's 2015 Venice title BANAT THE JOURNEY. In 2013, Emanuele founded his own company Solaria film and is currently preparing new films by co-directors Marco De Angelis and Antonio Di Trapani (WHITE FLOWERS) and Samuele Rossi (GLASSBOY) as European co-productions. filmo


Glassboy, in development
by Samuele Rossi
(Italy, Austria, Slovakia)

White Flowers, in financing
by Marco De Angelis and Antonio Di Trapani
(Italy, Japan, Poland, Norway)

7 Days, in postproduction
by Rolando Colla
(Switzerland, Italy)

Banat The Journey, 2015
by Adriano Valerio
(Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania)

Redemption Song, 2015
by Cristina Mantis

The Future, 2013
by Alicia Scherson
(Chile, Germany, Spain, Italy)

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