EFP deals with increased demand for marketing support at Asia’s film & TV market

As regional hub for the distribution of European films to mainland China and other countries in Asia, the FILMART in Hong Kong (18-21 March), with a rising number of visitors, is becoming even more important for European sales companies. This year, 30 films from 14 different European countries will be marketed at the FILMART with the help of Film Sales Support (FSS). In comparison to 2012, sales activities of seven more films are being supported which indicates the rising demand and interest of sales agents to market European films to Asia. Cash incentives for marketing totalling almost €81,000 have been reserved by European Film Promotion (EFP) for 20 different European sales agents. Continuous support from the MEDIA Programme of the EU and from participating EFP member organisations are securing EFP’s activities at the 17th FILMART.

Corresponding to an increase in FSS applications, EFP is in fact accommodating more sales companies from Europe at the EFP umbrella booth than in the previous year. 17 companies from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden and the UK are setting up office at EFP as against 14 in 2012. EFP has successfully run the stand since 2011, offering the supported companies a base for meetings with local buyers. Newcomers at the booth include the Polish company and first-time FSS beneficiary, AP Mañana, Germany’s sales outfits Global Screen and Sola Media, The Yellow Affair from Sweden and uConnect from the UK (for more information please click here). The stand is co-financed by the participating sales agents and EFP’s member organisation, German Films.

Miira Paasilinna, Managing Director of The Yellow Affair comments ahead of her first attendance: "The Asian market is an important and evolving market that our company has decided to focus on. Filmart is known as the biggest film market in Asia and has a more commercial flare than Busan. We believe that we can, by attending these two markets annually in Asia, reach most of the distributors."

Vicente Canales from Film Factory in Spain returns to the FILMART to meet buyers not only from Hong Kong but also from different Asian countries. He thinks that the “FILMART is the most important Asian market so far. We believe in a changing Chinese market where it will be easier to sell films.”

Tassilo Hallbauer, Sales Executive at Beta who brings along the Berlinale Golden Bear Winner, Child’s Pose, states that “the FILMART- besides Busan – is the most important Asian market of the year. It established itself as the biggest film business event in that area, with lots of buyers and producers from all over Asia – not just Hong Kong, China or Taiwan. It’s the perfect opportunity to follow up Berlin talks or meet buyers and producers who didn’t attend EFM”.

With 700 exhibitors and 6000 visitors expected for the 2013 edition, the FILMART expects an increase of around 8% compared to last year. In addition to the FILMART, the Asian Film Market in Busan is the other important market in Asia where EFP offers FSS and an umbrella booth to attending sales agents.

FSS for the respective national films was confirmed by EFP’s member organisations, the British Council, the Bulgarian National Film Center, the Danish Film Institute, the EYE Film Institute Netherlands / EYE International, Wallonie Bruxelles Images, German Films, ICAA (Spain), Istituto Luce Cinecittà, the Icelandic Film Centre, the Polish Film Institute, Romanian Film Promotion, the Slovak Film Institute, the Swedish Film Institute and Unifrance Films.

FSS supported films and companies

Agencja Promocji Manana
 (Poland), rep. Katarzyna Orysiak
LASTING (NIEULTOTNE) by Jacek Borcuch, Poland, Spain 2012

Bac Films Distribution (France), rep. Franka Schwabe
THE DEEP (DJUPID) by Baltasar Kormakur, Iceland, Norway 2012

Beta Cinema (Germany), rep. Tassilo Hallbauer
CHILD'S POSE (POZITIA COPILULUI) by Calin Peter Netzer, Romania 2013       

Doc & Film International (France), rep. Alice Damiani   
TENDERNESS (LA TENDRESSE) by Marion Hänsel, Belgium, France, Germany 2012       

Fandango (Italy), rep. Raffaella di Giulio
DISCOVERY AT DAWN (LA SCOPERTA DELL'ALBA) by Susanna Nicchiarelli, Italy 2012NO PLACE LIKE HOME (TUTTI CONTRO TUTTI) by Rolando Ravello, Italy 2012

Film Europe Media Company (Slovak Republic), rep. Ivan Hronec   
DANCING ON BROKEN GLASS (TANEC MEDZI ČREPINAMI) by Marek Ťapák, Slovak Republic 2012           

Film Factory Entertainment 
(Spain), rep. Vicente Canales
THE END (FIN) by Jorge Torregrossa, Spain 2012           

Films Boutique (Germany), rep. Cristina Cavaliere
LIFELONG (HAYATBOYU) by Asli Özge, Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey 2013   
SOFIA'S LAST AMBULANCE by Ilian Metev, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany 2012           

Films Distribution 
(France), rep. Nicolas Brigaud-Robert
THE TRUE LIFE OF TEACHERS (LA VRAIE VIE DES PROFS) by Emmanuel Klotz and Albert Pereira-Lazaro, France 2013    IT'S ALL SO QUIET (BOVEN IS HET STILL) by Nanouk Leopold, The Netherlands, Germany 2013   

Intramovies (Italy), rep. Marco Valerio Fusco
BENUR by Massimo Andrei, Italy 2012   
ALI' BLUE EYES (ALI' HA GLI OCCHI AZZURRI) by Claudio Giovannesi    , Italy 2012

 (Denmark), rep. Alexandra Burke
THE STRANGER INSIDE by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff, Denmark 2012           
MY AFRICAN ADVENTURE    (MIN SØSTERS BØRN I AFRIKA) by Martin Miehe-Renard, Denmark 2013       

m-appeal world sales (Germany), rep. Aleksandra Abykova
TWO MOTHERS (ZWEI MÜTTER) by Anne Zohra Berrached, Germany     2013       
MY DOG KILLER (MÔJ PES KILLER) by Mira Fornay, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic 2013

media luna new films 
(Germany), rep. Ida Martins   
HOW TO DESCRIBE A CLOUD by David Verbeek, The Netherlands 2013       
GANGS OF TOOTING BROADWAY by Devanand Shanmugam, UK 2012       

Memento Films International (France), rep. Nicholas Kaiser
IN THE NAME OF (W IMIĘ…) by Małgośka Szumowska, Poland 2012   

 (France), rep. Victoire Thevenin
SOMETHING IN THE AIR (APRES MAI) by Olivier Assayas, France 2012       

Sola Media (Germany), rep. Tania Pinto da Cunha
KINGHT ROSTY (RITTER ROST) by Thomas Bodenstein, Germany 2013       

 (France), rep. Anne Cherel
IN FEAR by Jeremy Lovering, UK 2013       

The Yellow Affair (Sweden), rep. Miira Paasilinna
EAT SLEEP DIE (ÄTA SOVA DÖ) by Gabriela Pichler, Sweden 2012   

 (Denmark), rep. Nicolai Korsgaard
LOVE AND LEMONS     (SMÅ CITRONER GULA) by Teresa Fabik, Sweden, Norway 2012   NORTHWEST (NORDVEST) by Michael Noer, Denmark 2013   

Wide (France), rep. Clementine Hugot   
MORNING STAR (L'ETOILE DU JOUR) by Sophie Blondy, France 2013       


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