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Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
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Phone: +32 2- 2260 630
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EFP Representative

Christian De Schutter

Flanders Image

“I consider European Film Promotion an excellent tool, a great platform where promotional bodies from all over Europe meet to exchange expertise and knowledge.”
Christian De Schutter

Facts & Figures Flanders (2015)
Population 6.4 million
Screens total 508 (Belgium)
Admissions 21.1 million (Belgium)
Average ticket price $ 8.7 (Belgium)
National market share 9.5% (2014)
Number of feature films produced (2014)
Number of documentaries produced (2014)
Number of co-productions maj. 22/ min. 14 (2014)
Most important co-production countries Netherlands, France, Germany
Number of national film distributors 34 (2013 - Belgium)
Number of national sales agents 2 (2013 - Belgium)
Major national film funds Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
Major film school(s)
· School of Arts HoGent
· MAD Faculty
· LUCA School of Arts (NARAFI)
· LUCA School of Arts (Sint-Lukas Brussels)
· RITS School of Arts
Crew and industry guilds
· V.F.P.B. (Flemish film producers)
· V.O.T.P. (Flemish television producers)
· Scenarists Guild
· Union of Directors
· (Belgian animation film producers)
· Flanders Doc (Flemish documentary producers)
· Actors Guild
· Belgian Society of Cinematographers (Directors of Photography)
· Arthouse Cinema Flanders
· FCB (Belgian movie theatres)
· VFDB (Belgian film distributors)
· VOTF (Flemish general and technical services companies concerning television productions)
Most popular VOD platforms
· BASE Company (SNOW, Net Gemist, Ooit Gemist, MEER, Movies)
· Belgacom (Belgacom TV, MovieMe, Cinefeel Pass, …)
· Medialaan (iWatch)
· Scarlet Belgium
· Tecteo (VOO)
· Telenet (Rex &Rio, Yelo, …)
· Numéricable (TV Plus Pack)
· Favco : Billi
· UniversCiné Belgium
· Home Entertainment Services : DVDPost & Plush

Support schemes for production Scriptwriting support, development support, production support for fiction, documentary, animation and experimental media production
Support schemes for talent Wildcards (financial support for graduates)
Education and training programs Support for training and education: scholarships, professional training, financial support and organisation of workshops.
Most important market attendance Berlin (EFM), Cannes (Marché du Film), Toronto, Annecy, IDFA, Miptv, Mipcom
Special film events inside the country Film Fest Ghent, Film Festival Ostend, Leuven International Short Film Festival, Docville, Anima Film Festival, Afrika Film Festival
Publications Flanders i magazine
Major domestic film press Vertigo, Filmagie

Flanders Image was launched in 1990 with the specific aim to promote the distribution of films made in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium) throughout the world. Its prime objective is to increase awareness of Flemish audiovisual creations abroad and, where possible, to support the positioning and release of recent audiovisual works on the international marketplace. It maintains ongoing contacts with festival directors and curators, sales agents, buyers and distributors, as well as with the media.
Flanders Image therefore is your prime source for all information on audiovisual production in Flanders and Brussels - Belgium.

Flanders Image is one of the 10 founding members of EFP.

Selected films

Directed by Jan Verheyen
Directed by Pieter Van Hees
Directed by Felix Van Groeningen

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