Florence Has Left The Building by Mirrah Foulkes produced by Alex White (Australia)
Kill Me Three Times by Kriv Stenders produced by Tania Chambers (Australia)
88 by April Mullen produced by Tim Doiron (Canada)
Blackcountry by Adam Macdonald produced by Thomas Michael (Canada)
Coconut Hero by Florian Cossen produced by Paul Scherzer (Canada)
Together Alone by Mateo Guez by Tara Boire (Canada)
Two 4 One by Maureen Bradley produced by Glen Wood (Canada)
The Waiting Room by Igor Drljaca produced by Borga Dorter (Canada)
Endorphine by Andre Turpin produced by Kim McCraw
The Other Half by Joey Klein produced by Nicole Hillard-Forde (Canada)
Ways To Water by Kit Weyman produced by Katie Bird Nolan (Canada)
Aloys by Tobias Nölle produced by Christof Neracher (Switzerland)
Der Nachtmahr by AKIZ produced by Amir Hamz (Germany)
The Temptation Of St. Tony by Veiko Õunpuu produced by Katrin Kissa (Estonia)
You Carry Me by Ivona Juka produced by Anita Juka (Croatia)
Little Soldier by Stella Corradi produced by Anna Jancsó (Hungary)
My Name Is Emily by Simon Fitzmaurice produced by Kathryn Kennedy (Ireland)
Orphans & Kingdoms by Paolo Rotondo produced by Fraser Brown
Here Be Monsters by Nic Gorman produced by Nadia Maxwell (New Zealand)
Siv Sleeps Astray by Catti Edfeldt & Lena Hanno Clyne produced by Petter Lindblad (Sweden)

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