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European Film Promotion (EFP) is the only existing international network of organisations promoting and marketing European cinema worldwide.

Founded in 1997 by ten members as a non-profit organisation, EFP has grown into a leading international promotion organisation with a membership of 38 organisations representing 37 countries in Europe – from Portugal in the West to Georgia in the East. EFP represents the diverse interests of its members through a variety of initiatives which take place under the EFP banner at prestigious international festivals and markets around the globe.

EFP's joint promotional strategies span a broad spectrum and include artistic and business-oriented platforms with a focus on three main areas: Films & Talent, Networking and Market Access. EFP has developed innovative programmes and initiatives in collaboration with established and respected partners with the aim of creating a sustainable system which supports European cinema.

Essential to the success of EFP’s joint initiatives is the full integration of the culturally rich and unique nature of each of its member’s own cinema heritage. EFP’s reliance on the national expertise and know-how of the 37 member institutes has been at the core of the organizational goals since it’s inception, and has been key to EFP's ability to bring European cinema to the attention of the international press, industry and public around the world.

EFP is financially supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union and by its member organisations. The Hamburg-based office is backed by the German State Minister for Culture and the Media, the Ministry of Culture of the City of Hamburg and the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.



EFP Board of Directors
From left to right: Christian Juhl Lemche (Danish Film Institute), Briony Hanson (British Council), EFP Vice President Pia Lundberg (Swedish Film Institute), EFP President Martin Schweighofer (Austrian Films), Nerina T. Kocjančič (Slovenian Film Centre), Mariette Rissenbeek (German Films) and Françoise Lentz (Film Fund Luxembourg) © EFP/ Kurt Krieger


Martin Schweighofer, Executive Director, Austrian Films

Vice President:

Pia Lundberg, Head of International Department, Swedish Film Institute

Briony Hanson, Director of Film, British Council
Nerina T. Kocjančič, Head of Promotion and Sales, Slovenian Film Centre
Christian Juhl Lemche, Festival Consultant, Danish Film Institute
Françoise Lentz, Head of Promotion, Film Fund Luxembourg
Mariette Rissenbeek, Managing Director, German Films


Sonja Heinen

Jo Mühlberger

Karen Arikian

Doris Bandhold

Susanne Davis

Karin Dix

Andrea Froese-Moess

Nora Goldstein

Stefanie Hempel

Cornelia Klimkeit

Olga Makarova

Sabine Rolinski

Nikolas Samalekos

Andreas Struck

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EFP President

Martin Schweighofer
Austrian Films (AFC)

Managing Director EFP
Sonja Heinen


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